AWS Deployment

All of our Lenses are designed and built to be versatile, allowing them to be set up and ran on a number of environments, including in cloud or on-premise. This is achieved through the use of Docker Containers. For these AWS cloud deployment strategies, all containers will run on the same ECS Cluster, and this assumes that your S3 Buckets for writing files to and reading files from, have already been created and are accessible with the supplied credentials.

For more information regarding AWS specifics, see their Official Docs.

1. Starting your ECS Cluster

From within AWS ECS, create a new ECS Cluster with template EC2 Linux + Networking, and configure the cluster as required.

2. Creating a Task Definition

From the Task Definitions page, create a new Task Definition with EC2 as the Launch Type Compatibility. Then add a container, this is where you specify the Docker Container image location, along with exposed ports and environment variables. In addition, it is recommended you enable logging by checking the Auto-configure CloudWatch Logs box. All these parameters correlates directly to the run commands specified in the Local Docker Deployment page.