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The Core APIs is a collection of tools providing the ability to easily perform complex queries, analysis, and traversal against any Knowledge Graph. These tools are split up into separate APIs within the Core APIs, all of which can be triggered via an exposed endpoint and by providing the necessary query parameters and authentication headers. These

Retrieving the address of your stack varies depending on how you setup the Core APIs. If spun up using the CloudFormation template on AWS Marketplace, then the address can be found in the Outputs tab of the CloudFormation Stacks Console. If spun up manually in AWS ECS, then you can access the ip address via Core APIs Task running within the Cluster, ensure to include the port 8080. And if spun up locally, then the http://localhost:8080 address can be used.

To test your target address as well as the health of your Core APIs stack, you can called a GET request on <core-apis-address>/register-usage/actuator/health.

To use the Core APIs, the components are as follows.:

Collection API

The Collection API allows a user to retrieve a list of any class type from your Knowledge Graph, also with support for powerful filtering.